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Don't Gamble When Choosing A Private Tour Guide

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A Private Tour is a very personal relationship. Shouldn't you talk to the actual "person" you'll be touring with ?

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You're considering a Private Tour of New York. Congratulations,  I think that's a great decision.  Selecting the right Private Tour Company is crucial.  The ideal tour will be something that doesn’t insult your intelligence or assume you or your guests are “One Tour Fits All” types.   A lot of people in your situation feel all they can do is play Internet Roulette and hope for the best.

May I suggest you bet on a sure thing. Call me today and together create a Private Personalized tour of our great city.

Chinese Oil Traders

Some Oil Traders from China wanted to see the "real" NYC. We had a blast'


3 Critical "Must Haves" for Private Tours

  1. Company Must Be Exclusively Private Personalized Tours I've built NY Tour Monkey around one product Private Tours of New York City.  We are not a large tour operator who tacked on a Private Tours division as an afterthought.  We are a small company hopelessly addicted to creating the best possible experiences for our clients.

  2. Tours Must Be Conducted By The Private Guide Who Got The 5 Star Reviews At NY Tour Monkey your tour will be conducted by myself or my partner Jared.  It's not easy to rack up 5 star ratings and there's only one way to do it; deliver consistently excellent tours every time out.  We will not risk our 5 Star reputation on a hired hand.

  3. Limo/SUV Tours Must Have a Guide and Chauffeur I know that driving in New York City and guiding people through New York City are very different skills. One person can not divide their focus and provide a professional level experience for clients. This also ensures that the Guide can get out of the vehicle with you and not worry about parking or tickets. Plus, if you want to walk through a neighborhood the car will be waiting when and where the walk ends.

    We have no prepackaged tours. The majority of our Private Tours of New York City are conducted in luxury SUVs with a private TLC licensed chauffeur and a private NYC licensed tour guide.  Please note, we can accommodate larger parties in suitable vehicles.

How Do I Book A Tour?

Special Orders Don't Upset Us.

It wouldn't be a Personalized Tour if we didn't tailor it to your specific requests. We recently had a request from a gentleman who had grown up in 'Dah Bronx' in the Fifties. He wanted to take his family, who had never set foot in The Bronx, to his old neighborhood and show them where Dad/'Poppie' grew up. We took his extended family to the addresses of 3 places where he lived as a boy. We also brought them to his favorite haunts: the Bronx Zoo, Yankee Stadium, his old stick ball street, grammar school. You get the idea. We wound up on Arther Avenue with a great Italian meal. It's a tour that will become a family legend.

Our guides are mature seasoned New Yorkers, with a passion for “The City.” There are only two rules in a NY Tour Monkey Private Personalized tour. First, keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times and second, have an insanely good time. We look forward to helping you create the best possible “New York Experience” because we enjoy showing you around as much as you will enjoy your personalized tour.

We realize a NY Tour Monkey private tour of New York City is not for everyone. But, if you want a memorable excursion with a real New Yorker in unparalleled luxury and personal service call us today.

How Do I Book A Tour?